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How to Make an Appeal to the Commissioner

Appeal within 1 month

An appeal against a public authority's AIE decision should generally be made to the Commissioner within one month. The Commissioner may extend this time limit if he considers that there are reasonable grounds for doing so.

Appeal in writing

If you want the Commissioner to review a decision made by a public authority on your AIE request, you must appeal in writing and pay the appropriate fee. You may apply by post; you may hand-deliver your application to the Office. You may also appeal on-line. Where an appeal is received outside office hours, we will treat it as if it was received on the next business day.

Your appeal should include:

  • your name, address, telephone number and any other contact details (e.g. email address);
  • the name of the public authority to which the AIE request was made;
  • the reference number of the public authority's decision (if you have it);
  • clear details of the aspects of the public authority's decision that you are appealing;
  • the correct fee; - see Appeal Fees
  • if you believe that a reduced fee is payable, please provide supporting information.

Appeal Formats

It is important to note that the date of receipt of the email or fax is NOT taken as the date of the application. The date of the application is the date when both the application and the correct fee are received. This should be borne in mind where the date of the making of the appeal is important (e.g. if it is near the one-month time limit for appealing).

Your appeal will be acknowledged and you will be notified as soon as the Commissioner has decided whether or not to accept your appeal.